SEO基础知识 & PPC的营销策略


Reaching the right audience for your startup or small business is not an easy task. 不管你的生意有多好, or how much it will help your future clients if prospects can’t find you. 

现在, 当有人需要一个新想法, 一个数据点, 解决问题, 研究一种新的商业工具, 等.,他们转向谷歌. 事实上,不止如此 70%的B2B研究人员 开始他们的研究与通用的谷歌搜索.

The reality is that without some presence on Google, it’s possible your business won’t survive very long. 为了解决这个问题, organizations often turn to two search strategies - search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC). 

在我们15年的商业生涯中, we have had more and more clients ask us for advice on SEO and PPC strategies as 营销和传播融合在一起. Now, we’re advising clients, almost daily, on SEO and PPC best practices. And the first conversation always centers around the difference between the two strategies.

So, that is what we’re exploring in this blog - SEO vs. PPC. Because there is so much to learn about these strategies, we’re even including some of our favorite resources and 培训. 


  • By 定义, SEO is the practice of “increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.” It’s important to note that search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites and it even beats social media by 超过300%.
  • 点击付费, 另一方面, is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. In a way, you’re buying visits to your site rather than earning those visits organically. 付费广告可以增加 品牌认知度80%


Search engines have a single goal - to provide users with the most relevant answers or information. In order to do this, search engines, like Google, analyze:

  1. How relevant content on a page is to the search query 
  2. 这个网站在互联网上有多大的权威 

当你投资SEO, you’re working through a strategy to improve ranking factors in order to increase the likelihood of your target audience finding you when they search for things related to your product or service.

In order to implement an SEO strategy, you need to build a Google presence. 一些关键的方法包括:

  • Building up the content on your site through pg电子游戏试玩s, 电子书s, whitepapers, 案例研究年代,等等.
  • Optimizing your website for keywords you want to rank 
  • Make sure your name, address and phone number are published

To optimize a site for SEO, you need to improve ranking factors in three key areas.

  1. 技术搭建/现场优化: This ensures that your website and pages allow Google to scan and index them without any problems. Factors that can affect your technical setup include website navigation, URL结构, 重复内容等. 
  2. 内容: 无论它是一个 pg电子游戏试玩, 着陆页, 电子书, 白皮书或视频, content is what users are looking for when they use a search engine and it’s what helps gain greater search visibility.
  3. 链接: While technical setup and content help increase relevancy, links and backlinks are what helps improve authority. Backlinks are references to your content on other websites. For example, if your CEO published an article on and the article mentions, and links, to your company page, that’s a backlink. Search engines use the quantity and quality of links as a signal of a website’s authority.
By actively positioning your content in search results, 你可以带来更多的访客, ,反过来, 转换和销售. 


关键词极具竞争力, which makes it difficult for a business that doesn’t have the domain authority to get in the top rankings on a search engine. 现在, so many businesses are using ads that organic results might not even start until further down the page. 

然而, this does not mean you should ignore SEO efforts - your PPC strategy should complement your SEO strategy. 

最喜欢的事情, there are a variety of PPC platforms you can advertise on including Google Ads, Fac电子书的广告, AdRoll和更多. The best way to choose which platform to use is to take a look at your potential ROI on each platform. 你还应该考虑:

  1. 关键字术语的可用性
  2. 你的目标用户将他们的时间花在哪里
  3. 你的广告预算

一旦你知道你想使用什么平台, you’ll need to work through the following items to ensure that you’re creating an effective campaign:

  • 设置参数 and put your ad campaigns into the context of your ultimate business goals 
  • 制定活动目标 such as increased brand awareness, lead generation, site traffic, 等.
  • 选择您的活动类型 such as search ads, display ads, social ads or remarketing ads
  • 研究关键词 and select those that are closely aligned with the specific theme of your ad groups 
  • Make sure Google Analytics and tracking are set up in order to receive insights into how your website is performing, how users are interacting with your pages and what content and ads are attractive to visitors

PPC strategies have a lot of components and options. It’s a process to determine the most effective way to reach your company’s goals, 这就是为什么它被认为是一个长期战略. It can take anywhere from 3 - 6 months to see strong results. All that said, a PPC strategy is an extremely effective 入站营销工具. 

SEO和PPC资源 & 培训 

This pg电子游戏试玩 is just a starting point for gathering a basic understanding of SEO and PPC strategies. There’s a lot to learn, and a lot of great resources out there. 以下是我们最喜欢的一些.



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