Gen Z is Transforming the Marketing Industry and Workplace

December 3, 2020

Do you know someone born between 1996 and 2015, also known as Gen Z? 你有没有发现自己请求他们帮你在iPhone上做一件小事情,因为你知道他们可以在几秒钟内完成? Well, I’m a member of that group, and as the largest generation by number, we’re about to take over the workforce.

Gen Z will bring roughly 60 million job seekers into the workplace in the next decade. One of the traits that sets our generation apart is tech-savviness; we grew up in an era with a lot of technology, some necessary and some not. 因此,我们可以比普通人更快地完成技术任务. And when it comes to areas like social media, 我们知道平台是如何工作的,哪些平台值得花时间.

但是,这对我们所知道的员工和你的公司意味着什么呢? Plenty, 尤其是当你在一家快速发展的科技初创公司,需要跟上快速发展领域的步伐时,比如 marketing

Connecting and adapting

对z一代来说,只要按一下按钮,几乎所有需要的东西都能找到. That’s why we have our phones on us at all times; it’s practically a bodily extension, a third arm if you will. It is the first thing 我们醒来的时候会看,睡觉前会看最后一件事. Who needs a book when you can read on your phone, iPad or Kindle?

This leads to our constant need for the latest news. You can hold hundreds of outlets right in the palm of your hand. Not to mention, Gen Z’s favorite social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat - have created news channels. 你可以在新闻应用上看到你的朋友在做什么. What’s more convenient than that?

This level of connectedness will enable Gen Z to shape and transform the workplace. With the world of technology changing so rapidly, 我们需要适应能力同样快的人——而Z世代具备转变的能力. This can be useful in many ways, 包括当你有一个市场营销活动,需要快速转变或新的工具和平台来评估和跟上速度.

Working it out

I am currently a junior in college. 我的很多同龄人都觉得他们得到的是一个通用的人生计划. It’s pre-K, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, 也许读研究生,然后进入职场,希望在公司里步步高升. But why is this necessary to be successful? Is the cost of higher education always worth it?

这是Z世代一直在努力解决的一些问题,而且是有充分理由的. 我学到的一些最重要的技能来自现实世界的经验, not school, and I am not alone. Generally, while a college degree is rewarding and can open doors, those big loans have to be paid back and can limit life choices. 

难怪在Z世代,选择不同的道路和关注幸福已经成为一种常态. We’re working it out - trying to find the right road to follow. 

Want to know the funniest part? 尽管存在误解,但我们可以说是最有生产力的一代. 这可以追溯到我们对技术的使用——Z世代知道如何更高效地工作. 我们没有遵循“努力工作,尽情玩乐”的座右铭,相反,我们采用了“聪明地工作,尽情玩乐”.”

It’s that ability to find faster, 更有效地完成工作,使我们成为优秀的候选人. After all, in marketing, where things can change so quickly, time-saving new practices can make all the difference. 

Getting social

Social media 商店已经完全接管了Z世代的生活,而且没有回头路了. We are at the point where we even shop via these outlets. 这给了我们这一代追求营销职业的人一个独特而有价值的视角. For instance, here are a few of my recent takeaways.

  • Instagram Ads: 一秒钟前,你正在浏览每日动态,突然一个广告吸引了你的眼球, 接下来,你知道你在一个网站上购买一个有点随机的物品. 在完成购买之前,你几乎没有盯着审查部分,并焦急地等待3到5个工作日你的发现到达. Z世代用不了多久就知道自己想要什么,并去追求它. 最新的购物之旅——包括轻松购买和更好的客户体验(CX)——非常适合他们.
  • TikTok Influencers: TikTok是一种简短的视频娱乐形式,类似于我们的老朋友Vine. In the past few years, it’s exploded into much more, including memes, life hacks and cute animal videos. 一个意想不到的结果是,这些视频背后的一些人已经成为“TikTok名人”,并为品牌支付了影响力. 他们会分享折扣码,观众会蜂拥而至购买这些商品. While they might not be big names yet, they will be; TikTok has over 800 million users worldwide. 然而,任何看起来像传统广告的东西都会把他们吓跑. 营销人员学会与有影响力的人合作——并考虑内容挑战和TikTok广告等事情——可能会获得大量的受众. 

这些平台如此成功的原因之一是人们的注意力持续时间越来越长 shorter and shorter. 许多人想要快速、容易消化的内容,Z世代可能是最大的例子. 因为这是一个如此庞大的群体——在不久的将来,他们将拥有更大的购买力——重要的是,营销人员通过瞄准他们感兴趣的领域来获利. 毕竟,这些平台的受欢迎程度将继续增长. 


Remote ready

2019年和2020年的学生很容易成为2019冠状病毒病对他们职业发展影响最大的学生. Unfortunately for the class of 2019, they are part of a weird, 介于两者之间的群体,他们准备好运用自己的技能和知识,但没有机会,因为现在很少有公司招聘. As for the class of 2020, 他们整个大四学年都在远程教学的可能性看起来非常大.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

With business leaders recognizing the financial gains of a remote workforce, and employees enjoying new conveniences, it’s more likely that working from home will be a permanent option. Gen Zs can hit the ground running - we’re used to working like this. And, 是否会有那么一天,企业希望让更多的人回到实体办公室, no doubt many of us would leap at the chance. 我们确实“玩得更努力”,许多人会喜欢提供更多社交机会的环境. 

Z世代可以为工作场所,尤其是市场营销带来独特的视角. 有了这些数字——包括雇员和消费者——我们肯定会在经营方式和底线上产生巨大的变化.

有兴趣了解更多pg电子游戏平台市场趋势、工具和目标的最新信息?  We’re ready to help!


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